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Two common types of PV Panels are:

Polycrystalline Cell:

Polycrystalline Cells are effectively a slice cut from a block of silicon, consisting of a large number of crystals.

They have a speckled reflective appearance and again you can you see the thickness of the slice. These cells are less expensive to produce.

Monocrystalline Cell:

Monocrystalline Cells are cut from a single crystal of silicon- they are effectively a slice from a crystal.

In appearance, it will have a smooth texture and you will be able to see the thickness of the slice. These are slightly expensive to produce.



Higher cell efficiency means optimum output.

More light absorption.

Frame reduces resistance and thus improves cell efficiency.

Multi layer encapsulation provides better module protection.

Offers high torsion resistance against wind load and snow loads.

Consumers can have confidence that the product is safe, reliable and of good quality.