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MNRE Channel Partner for Grid Connected Rooftop and Solar Power Plant

Solar Photovoltaic Consultancy Services.

We are proud to have a strong in-house competency in many aspects of the solar business.
Therefore we may assist any ventures into the solar realm with support by expert advice.

Our Solar PV consultancy tender support services make sure that you attain the best value for money of your solar system.
We have the potential to yield higher savings with our clients throughout the tender process and reduce the concluding project expenditure.

Our objectives are to review received offers from up to three companies concerning information such as quality of components proposed, terms and conditions, warranties and overall costing structure.

Techiteg Energy will elaborate responses to the bidders and manage the process to harmonize the proposals to an optimal system size and overall comparable scope with the bidders.
Furthermore an overview about the overall pros and cons of each proposal is discussed with our clients to highlight the value of their project.

Our PV consultancy service ensures that all amendments are considered and pricing is performed on a competitive basis in the best interest of our clients.

Finally, Techiteg Energy will negotiate with the preferred bidder for the best possible costing and value for money on behave of the client, yielding the final proposal to be accepted by the Client.

Techiteg Energy are devoted to provide assistance and support for meetings with bidders.
This responsibility ensures that our client’s are not subject to possible fraudulent sales activity and misleading information.

We acknowledge all matters and make sure that they are explained and clarified in a professional and competent manner during meeting periods.

From small to large-scale projects, we may provide services along the whole project life-cycle.

These typically include the following services for solar Photovoltaic technology:

Site Assessments
Feasibility Studies
Solar Resource Assessments
Provision of Satellite Data and Meteo Datasets for technical and economic modeling
Specification and provision of meteorological measurement stations
Energy Production Assessments
Technical Due Diligences
Bankability Studies
Tender Support
System Financing and Advisory
Construction Supervision, Acceptance Tests
Operation and Maintenance Support

Get your project realization streamlined through the experienced support of our staff.
Manage financial close and secure return on investment by having the diligence and quality control that lenders require.

Please contact us to discuss our approach and find out what we can do for you as an individual or organisation regarding our solar Photovoltaic Consultancy services.